A fantastic example of teamwork

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who was involved in the successful rescue of the sperm whale in Whiteness Voe this week. It was a remarkable achievement.

Like so many other people in Shetland and further afield, even around the world, we watched this incident unfold with our hearts in our mouths.

We were not alone in believing the whale had come into the voe to die, so we were overjoyed when it started to stabilise and show signs that it was a healthy whale after all.

At the same time we realised it would be a great challenge to encourage such an enormous creature safely out into deep water.

It was wonderful to observe the way this delicate operation was handled with such care and professionalism by the wildlife experts onshore and the boatmen at sea.

It was a fantastic example of teamwork and collaboration and could not have been a clearer demonstration of how good the Shetland community is at pulling together in a crisis situation like this.

We were proud to witness the whole affair. Well done everyone involved.


Jan and Pete Bevington
Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary

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