Better late than never as book returns to library nearly 50 years late

A LONG-lost book has been handed back to Shetland Library – some 45 years overdue.

The book – The Black Douglas by S.R. Crockett – was borrowed in April 1977 and was due back the following month.

When the Dore family was visiting Shetland recently they took the opportunity to return the book.

Clare Dore (left) and her husband Jimmy Milliken (third from left) were joined by daughter Maeve to return the book to library staff member Iain Souter. Photo: Shetland Library

Thankfully for the family Shetland Library does not charge overdue fines.

Clare Dore said the book had been taken out by her husband Jimmy Milliken, who had moved to Shetland from Northern Ireland in 1973.

“When his mum was clearing out some of his stuff from her house a few years ago she gave Jimmy a whole pile of books he had stored with her,” she explained, “and the book was with them.”

Clare said she visits Shetland at least once a year to see family and vowed to return the book on one of her trips.

Library manager Karen Fraser said: “Since this book was borrowed, we’ve seen the fall of the Soviet Union, the invention of the World Wide Web, the whole library moving out and back in again and the rise of eBooks.”

“At least with eBooks we don’t have this carry on getting our overdues back.

“We’re too nice to charge fines at Shetland Library, but you know, some folk just will take advantage!”

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