Charity shop needs members, Knab contract, makers market, dance and art workshop

Photo: Aith Charity Shop

AITH Charity Shop is in need of new committee members as it looks to make a community asset transfer application to take ownership of the building and the surrounding land.

The popular shop is gradually opening once again on reduced hours as it emerges from the pandemic.

Its committee said the longer term goal is to take ownership of the building and surrounding area to “secure the future of the shop and all of the community benefits is provides”.

“For this to happen we need a larger committee with the skills and ability to take this project forward,” it added.

Anyone who is interested is asked to come to the Aith Charity Shop AGM in the Rankin Lounge at the Aith Hall on 1 September at 7pm.

Alternatively they can contact Bertha Brown 01595 810301, Pat Moffat 01595 810373, Tonya Johnson 01595 810216 or Irene Gray 01595 810378.

SHETLAND Islands Council has put out to tender a £400,000 contract for consultancy services relating to the Knab redevelopment project.

The consultants would develop the design of the Knab site infrastructure and “public realm”, which includes aspects like roads and utilities, over a 24-month period.

The project will see the former Anderson High School site overhauled with a mix of housing and other uses.

A LOCAL ‘makers market’ will be held in Northmavine next weekend, showcasing a range of produce, baked good and crafts.

The event will take place at the Hillswick hall from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday 29 August.

It has been organised through Northmavine Development Company’s Growing Local project.

The event will also feature a Sunday teas ‘takeaway’, live music from members of the Northmavine Fiddle and Accordion Club, and cookery demonstrations from Kirsty Sandilands.

Stall holders featured at the event include Da Barn, Good Gub Soap, The Pottery, Shetland in Blue, Whalsay Made, Lauren Ramsay, Linda Richardson, Kelly Robertson and more.

Growing Local project worker Mark Ratter said: “Feedback from folk in the community showed that there was a high level of enthusiasm for a market event which showcases and sells local produce, food products and crafts so it was really just a case of waiting for the right time to hold the event.”

A CREATIVE workshop involving dance and visual art will take place on the St Ninian’s beach on 5 September – or the Bigton Hall, weather depending.

The workshop, designed Elisabeth Schilling, will tap into her Invisible Dances project.

It will be led locally by Kathryn Gordon and Tony Humbleyard.

The workshop aims to “introduce diverse creative ways to interact with the dance piece Invisible Dances: through drawings, through a guided walk and even dancing on the lines remaining from the performance; also through discussion, reflection and exchange”.

More details, and instructions on how to sign up, can be found here.

The concept of Invisible Dances revolves around the idea of dancers taking part in a secret routine, usually at night, and ‘tracers’ visualising the display behind them using environmentally friendly chalk spray.

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