Court round-up 22 February 2023

A MAN from Tresta who drove at nearly 100mph narrowly escaped being banned from driving after Lerwick Sheriff Court heard his licence was essential for working on a local fishing boat.

Peter Lovie pleaded guilty to a charge of speeding at 94mph on the A970 Tingwall Straight on 15 October last year – where the limit is 60mph.

The court heard on Wednesday that the 29-year-old already had five points on his licence and this offence could have easily added enough points to result in an automatic disqualification.

Defence solicitor Tommy Allan said his client could not give any particular reason for the speeding offence.

He added that Lovie, of Westerfield, was working on a fishing boat that operated out of Toft pier and there was no realistic way of covering the distance between Tresta and the North Mainland pier by public transport.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank said it was his view that many people somehow felt they were entitled to travel at high speed on the Tingwall Straight when they were not.

He fined Lovie £600, payable at a rate of £100 a month and, by adding five points to his licence, allowed him to keep driving.

A MAN from Kirkintilloch who carried a knife with a 3.5 inch blade while travelling on the ferry between Aberdeen and Lerwick has been fined.

James Brannan, of Antoninie, also admitted being in possession of a quantity of cocaine, a class A drug, when his case called at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday morning.

Both offences took place on board the Hjaltland on 6 June last year.

Defence solicitor Tommy Allan told the court his client had a number of health issues and was not fit to do any unpaid work.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank fined the 59-year-old £300 for the possession of a knife and further £200 for the drugs offence.

A Crown motion to forfeiture the knife was granted


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