Crime drama filming moves to Foulawick for action scenes

FILMING for the upcoming series 6 of the BBC crime drama Shetland continues next week, initially near Lerwick Sheriff Court on Monday, but then moves to the Foulawick area, near Brae, from Monday afternoon until the early hours of Thursday.

Residents in the area are being advised that in order to capture important night-time sequences, filming will take place into the night on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Monday 12 April: 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday 13 April: 4pm until 3am
Wednesday 14 April: 3pm until 2am.

The production team of ITV Shetland also advises local residents to be aware of special effects and dramatic action taking place in the middle of the night, and asked not to be alarmed if they hear loud bangs at night time.

A spokesman for the team said possible disruptions would be kept to an absolute minimum and apologised for any inconvenience all this may cause.

“Perhaps more importantly during these times – including late evening and the early hours of the morning too – there will be a level of very dramatic action taking place around the Foulawick location area, which includes special effects being used, fire and loud bangs at times too,” he said.

“Our action vehicles (primarily emergency services vehicles) will also be active in the area during this time as well.

“Please do not be alarmed by any of this or report perceived ‘incidents’ to the local police, who have been fully informed of our intentions in this respect.

“Inevitably there will also be a significant amount of service vehicle movement in the immediate area throughout this time. No specific traffic control restrictions are deemed necessary, however please be wary and cautious of this at all times, especially at night.”

The team’s main vehicular production support unit, which includes large articulated vehicles, will be located throughout this time on the industrial estate at Wethersta although a number of its technical support vehicles will be parked around the Foulawick location itself.

“For residents of Wethersta, please be wary of significantly increased traffic movements in your area throughout this time due to this requirement,” the team said.

For any further information or any issues specific to this filming schedule, please contact location manager Davie Gardner on 07867 654 509 or unit manager Chris Groves on 07946 826 721.

Filming is taking place all day Sunday near the Lerwick waterfront and the RNLI building.

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