Damp squib

The Tories’ Levelling-Up proposed ‘Islands Forum’ will be a damp squib, if not damper than the SNP government’s toothless Islands Act. Look at their post Brexit fishing deal if you want any evidence of empty promises.

Also ask yourselves what has the SNP government’s Islands Act ever done for you? Less than the Romans have (watch Monty Python’s Life of Brian if you are under 55).

The LibDem criticism by Alistair Carmichael is also a bit rich, when he as Scottish Secretary presided over one of the most re-centralising governments in the past 43 years – the Tory/LibDem austerity government of 2010-2015.

This doublespeak will really not do until Liberal Democrat’s publicly apologise (it’s all the rage you know) for their role in creating the poverty horrors of 2010-15, opening the door for the even greater horrors of 2015-present, directly leading to Mr Johnson as PM. Lib Dems, thy name is complicity.

Some contrition required NOW by pushing for Faroese style autonomy for Shetland at Westminster re a modern version of the ZCC Act is the only decent thing for them to do.

So come with it instead if mealy-mouthed words. Also, I look forward to all those Lib Dem council candidates in May. Not one Lib Dem on the SIC. Call themselves a political party?

If you do go and vote in the forthcoming SIC elections (that 40 to 60 per cent don’t, tells its own sad tale of Shetlanders apathy to themselves!), make sure you vote for a candidate who will actually do something about Shetland autonomy.

James J Paton

Shetland News