Enjoy your visit to Lerwick town centre

The most significant improvement to Lerwick town centre was the refurbishment of the famous sign. Beautifully executed. My congratulations to the artist:

Unfortunately, the problems of Harrison Square are a continuation of planning disasters stretching back sixty years.

Did the Lerwick Town Council consider this when they created Church Road in the 1960s?

The idea of using Victoria Pier as a car park wasn’t the most inspired idea either. Thinking of a young family Christmas shopping, with push chairs etc grappling in the dark with coins for a parking meter while drenched with spray from a northerly force 9. Of course, this is not a problem in summer…….

The planners, though, were at their most inspired when they altered the Esplanade. They forgot they used a brilliantly simple sign at the entrance to South Commercial Street. Clear, unambiguous, effective. Not a speed bump in sight –

The most inspired decision was undoubtedly this road marking. Confuses drivers, locals and tourists. A safety hazard. In the name of decoration………..

Which also brings into shot the seats and (so I am told) bike rack. Note that the seats are on a slope to deposit the unwary into the Thule Bar…

To be fair, the seats do give an unrivaled view of the town bus stop and only occupy four of the disabled car parking spaces there before.

And also, they installed further disabled parking outside the Royal Bank of Scotland. Oh! it’s 300 metres away. Sorry, I forgot you were disabled. Ooops, don’t trip………..

Enjoy your visit to the town centre

John Waters

Shetland News