Health board urges islanders not to visit other households

NHS SHETLAND is once again urging islanders to stick to the current Covid-19 restrictions as new infections continue to be recorded.

Under level three rules people are not allowed to visit other households to socialise, yet most of the latest transmissions have occurred within families across numerous households.

Public health principal Elizabeth Robinson said: “We are really trying to re-iterate the message about tier three.

NHS Shetland's Elizabeth RobinsonNHS Shetland public health principal Elizabeth Robinson.

“For most people Covid is a mild illness, but the more movement there is within the community, the more likely it will spread to vulnerable people, and that can lead to severe illness and death.

“Anyone can bring Covid to Shetland and anybody can spread it…that means your best pal, your workmate, your neighbour or your sister. But we shouldn’t be blaming anyone or pointing the finger.

“The best thing we can do at the moment is follow the tier three rules. That means you cannot visit people in other houses. It’s a really difficult message to give out, but the more that people stay apart, the sooner we will stop this outbreak.

“I am speaking very firmly here; level three means you cannot visit someone else’s home.

“The only time you can do this is to provide care or if you have formed an extended household because you live alone or you share parenting responsibilities. Couples who don’t live together are also allowed to visit each other.

“What I am saying is level three means you can’t visit anyone.”

Under level three essential informal childcare is also permitted, and in these instances ​​​only the children should enter the home of another household.

The person delivering informal childcare can look after the children in either the childrens’ home or their own, provided that no-one in either household has coronavirus symptoms.

Up to six people from two households can also meet up indoors a public space like a cafe.

Robinson said every person needed to behave as if they had Covid and approach others – all others including family, work colleagues and friends – as if both you and the other person had the virus.

NHS Shetland is also urging people with possible symptoms to get a Covid-19 test as quickly as they can, and not to wait until the symptoms develop any further.

Details of what level three means can be found on the Scottish Government website.

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