Loganair passenger says she had not been told of early departure

SOME PASSENGERS on this week’s early morning flights from Edinburgh to Sumburgh were in for a surprise when they learned their plane was leaving 40 minutes earlier than scheduled.

One of Loganair’s ATR aircraft was damaged after lightning. Photo: Ronnie Robertson

One passenger, who asked not to be named, said she arrived at the check-in desk at 6.20am for the 7.30am scheduled flight to Sumburgh only to be told to hurry if she did not want to miss her flight as boarding was already under way.

Loganair said that due to a lightning strike one of its aircraft had to be taken out of service and as a consequence the morning flights to Kirkwall and Sumburgh were combined.

Passengers had been informed of the changes where possible.

The passenger Shetland News spoke to said she had not been informed of the changes though others on board the aircraft had been notified.

She said that on a previous flight she was on she had been notified of a delay via text message, but not this time.

“I was lucky. I got there just in time for the half hour cut off,” she said.

“There may well have been others that didn’t make it, having not been told that the flight had been moved forward by forty minutes.

“I also think that if they couldn’t tell people, then surely the thing to do would be to delay the early flight by forty minutes.”

A spokesperson for Loganair said: “After lightning damaged an ATR aircraft last Sunday, Loganair combined a number of Edinburgh-Kirkwall and Edinburgh-Sumburgh flights this week to allow for repairs to take place.

“We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience but safety is, as always, our number one priority, and we anticipate that this short-term issue will be resolved by the end of today, Thursday 8 July.

“Where customers’ flights have been affected, all steps have been taken to notify them of the changes in advance.

“In some cases we were unable to make contact due to incomplete details but we can confirm that all booked customers have travelled.”

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