Message in a bottle found 21 years after being sent from Faroe

Megan Keppie after finding the bottle.

IT HAS taken 21 years to be found – but a message in a bottle sent from Faroe at the turn of the millennium has been discovered on the shore in Shetland.

Megan Keppie, from Gulberwick, came across the bottle while out with her friend Lisa around Mangaster on Sunday.

She turned to Facebook for help in translating the message, which was written in Faroese and seemingly put in the sea on 17 January 2000.

It said the bottle was sent by a scouts group from the town of Klaksvík, which was doing outdoor learning, and that a Finn Johannesen was behind the message.

Megan said it turned out that the scouts group was still going – and on Facebook.

She sent them a message, but she was told Finn does not live in the town anymore. However, the scouts will try to track him down and put her in contact with him.

Megan said the discovery had “made her day”, and added that she usually never thinks to look at washed up bottles when out walking.

“I just see them as rubbish, but Lisa who I wis we had literally said aboot a minute before aboot finding one, den she got distracted by a buoy and walked clean ower it,” she said.

“Den I looked down and wis lik ‘nah, it will be a receipt or something’, but it wisna.”

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