NHS Shetland confirms Covid-19 case at the Gilbert Bain

WITH two days to go until the new Level one restrictions will come into force in Shetland a member of staff working at the Gilbert Bain Hospital has been confirmed with Covid-19.

NHS Shetland said on Saturday that all necessary actions have been taken, including ensuring any close contacts of the person affected are now self-isolating.

The latest case brings the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Shetland to 68.

Director of nursing and acute services Kathleen Carolan said she wanted to assure the public that there is currently no impact on patient care.

“We also have no reason to believe there has been an increased risk to patients in the hospital because all controls to minimise transmission have been followed,” she said.

“We will keep under review whether this will impact on any planned care episodes over the next 14 days and advise patients accordingly”.

The health board reiterated its message that although the volume of new cases for Shetland was low compared to some areas in the country, the isles remained at risk due to the overall situation.

Everyone is asked to adhere to good respiratory and hand hygiene, avoid crowded places and follow the current Scottish Government guidance.

Meanwhile, 24 more deaths linked to Covid-19 have been reported in Scotland during the last 24 hours, the Scottish Government said.

There were 1,101 new confirmed cases while 1,149 people were in hospital with recently confirmed Covid-19, and 80 in intensive care.

Anyone with symptoms must request a test by filling in a test request form on the NHS Shetland website.

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