NHS Shetland records three new Covid cases

A FURTHER two people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Shetland as the current virus outbreak in the community appears to slow down.

A third person, unrelated to the outbreak but who recently travelled, had also tested positive. The contacts of this third person have all been traced.

Meanwhile, there are currently three patients in the Gilbert Bain Hospital with Covid-19.

NHS Shetland confirmed on Monday afternoon that all patients were in a stable condition.

Consultant in public health Dr Susan Laidlaw said although the infection-rate linked to the current community outbreak had slowed results from the UK Government testing scheme were still awaited and thus it was likely there would be more positive results.

Dr Laidlaw added that, so far, Shetland’s care homes had escaped the current outbreak.

She thanked the health and social care partnership for quick action in closing care homes to indoor visitors, excellent use of PPE and carrying out testing.

“This has been an extremely difficult time with the virus spreading rapidly for several days,” she said.

“However, with the Shetland community responding to public health advice and, with many people going above and beyond level three restrictions, this appears to have slowed the spread of this outbreak.”

But the spread of the virus on the Scottish mainland meant that people in Shetland could not let their guard down, she warned.

“We must follow the FACTS guidelines and the current Government restrictions as this is the only way to keep ourselves and others safe at present.”

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