No revolutionary upheaval

If the committee of Lerwick’s (awesome!) fire-festival was to declare gender equality today, there would be no revolutionary upheaval whatsoever.

In reality, things WILL remain much the same, in that even if the committee actively encourage lasses to participate, the vast majority will realistically prefer to attend halls just as they have done in the past.  The difference will be almost imperceptible. Only a small handful of lasses are likely to choose to join squads once they have the blessing and encouragement of the committee.

The whole ugly debate will presumably at that point completely disappear, and we could aa be pals again & get on with enjoying what is a truly magnificent event that we should ALL be able to be proud of.

Our festival, which we love so much, will essentially remain the same – but with a positive spirit of equality for all.

Peter Gear
Lindsey Manson
Christina Inkster
Laura Hughes
Debra Nicolson
Johan Adamson
Hannah Mary Goodlad
Jordan Clark
Chloe Keppie
Gillian Ramsay
Julie Moncrieff
Tom Wills
Daniel Inkster
Daniel Gear
Bobby Sutherland
Mathew Nicolson
Kirsten Green
Hannah Nicholson
Harley Gear
Frances Taylor
Sian Wild
Peter Ratter
Joanna Sandison
Alexander J Armitage
Andy Stephen
Bruce Stephen
Jean Stephen
Helen Braynis
Margaret Gear
Averil Simpson
David Spence
Kaye Sandison
Wilma Goodlad
Marina Thomason
John Goodlad

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