Now is the time to invest in renewables

WITH the cost of energy for businesses set to rise even further, now is the time to invest into renewables.

This is the message from local electrical engineering firm Nordri, which is hosting two open days at the end of next week for business owners to call along its premises at the Staney Hill Industrial Estate and learn more about the options available.

Managing director Brian Halcrow said some businesses were facing charges of between 70p and as much as one pound per unit of electricity.

He said Nordri could offer a wide range of options to help cut down those costs including installing a wind turbine and/or solar panels, which would quickly make a dent in energy bills which otherwise could spiral out of control.

Whereas in the past installing a renewable energy system was more a conscious decision of going green, it is now the most obvious way to cut costs and stay viable as a business.

Nordri managing director Brian Halcrow.

“We offer the technology that can reduce your reliance on buying electricity,” Halcrow said.

“The purpose of having the two open days now is to give businesses a head start as prices for electricity will go up again in March.

“We’re encouraging businesses to come in now to book their slot for 2023”

Electrical supervisor Robert Smith added that Business Energy Scotland was offering interest free loans of up to £100,000.

He added that with a warranties as long as 12 years and little maintenance needed an investment in PV solar panels usually pays for itself in less than 10 years and thus represents an attractive option for businesses.

The size of the unit depends on how energy hungry any individual business is, but usually systems are designed in a way to allow for all electricity generated being used by the business.

“You can reduce your electricity bill quite significantly,” Smith added.

The Nordri team will be available for people to call along on Thursday and Friday 16/17 February during office hours from 9am to 4.30pm, with no prior appointment needed.

An open day for domestic installations will be held later in the year.

More information can be found on the company’s website at or telephone 01595 695166


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