Raise your game young Wills

Tom Wills is understandably loyal following his party line on the Universal Credit pandemic uplift of £20 to be maintained (Wills calls for £20 Universal Credit uplift to continue, Shetland News, 14 February 2021).

Not brutally removing it by the Tories, who we know, even in Shetland, have been punishing the poorest and most vulnerable for decades and especially the last decade, after they bailed out their banking pals.

Only the implementation of a fair basic income FOR ALL (Greens Party policy re Universal Basic Income not pitiful Universal Credit) will eliminate poverty, and especially child poverty.

It is entirely affordable by simply changing from the ‘fake’ economic model we have been brainwashed with (the same economic model that says Scotland can’t stand on its own fiscal feet).

Tom knows this. I want him to win in May, he must win in May to give Shetland the new start, new deal, breath of fresh air Holyrood and Shetland will need post vaccination; not WashOut Wishart who’s brief record on the SIC is as unedifying as her short tenure at Holyrood – photo ops and Nat bashing!

The Lib Dems are rightly doomed to sink below the foaming tide following their greedy, dirty, personal political gain sell-out to the Tories in 2010.

The vast majority of Shetlanders don’t forget or forgive that cruel, selfish act, slim parliamentary majorities aside (The vast majority do not vote Lib Dem and haven’t for while, because 30 per cent don’t vote and we know why).

The SNP cannot continue keeping 20-30 per cent of Scotland’s population in poverty. Yes, UK/Westminster fiscal grip is largely to blame, but even with the full devolved tax varying powers  – still available to the SNP to tackle poverty – have not been fully deployed since it became the biggest party in Scotland.

Big isn’t always, if ever, beautiful. The list Greens at Holyrood through the list second ballot will continue to be the ethical, fair, conscience of the country, even post autonomy.

Now raise your sights and your game young Wills. We need you! What’s SNP HQ going to do ten weeks out from an election. Sack you?

Ballot 1: Wills X   Ballot 2: Green X.

Now that’s not difficult. Progressive, grown-up politics for the future.

James J. Paton

Shetland News