Retiring fundraiser to run home to Clousta after last shift at Islesburgh

SOME people may mark the end of their last shift at work before retirement with a trip to the pub – but not one man from Clousta.

Instead, Ian Davidge will run some 20-odd miles from Lerwick back home to the Westside to raise money for charity.

Ian Davidge. Photo: Alana Young

The 66-year-old will take on the challenge on the morning of Sunday 23 April.

Davidge has worked at the Islesburgh Community Centre and hostel as a steward for the last 16 years.

Whilst he will be hanging up his boots there he will still keep on some part-time “bits and pieces” in the community.

Davidge is raising money for the Fernlea Care Centre Comfort Fund and also Dogs Against the Drugs.

The staff at Fernlea have been looking after his mother in law for many years as she suffers from MND.

“They’ve been really good – very friendly,” Davidge said.

Meanwhile Davidge was involved in setting up Dogs Against Drugs, the charity which has proven effective in stemming the flow of illegal drugs into Shetland.

He said the charity is “always needing money” – a topic which has been raised with politicians this week.

Davidge – who will be joined on the run by Leighton Flaws – has already raised £700 online but anyone wanting to chip in with cash can drop by Westside Pine in Lerwick.

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