Ronas Voe and Twatt next for crime drama team

FILMING for the Shetland crime drama will take place in Ronas Voe on Thursday (30 September) and Twatt on Friday (1 October).

On both days filming will take place between 7am and 8pm.


On Thursday 29 September filming will again take place at the Scottish Sea Farms facility.

“Our fleet of technical vehicles to support this will be parked at, and operating from, the nearby Blueshell Mussels facility,” location manager Davie Gardner said.

“Please note that, due to this, there will be significantly increased traffic between the above times on this otherwise quiet and narrow stretch of road. Please drive accordingly with this in mind.

“Also, our larger fleet of ‘Unit Support’ vehicles – including several large and articulated vehicles – will also be parked at, and operating from, the Wethersta Industrial Estate throughout this time.

“Please be wary of this too, the significantly increased traffic in this otherwise quiet area and of these vehicles entering and emerging from the Wethersta junction with the main A970 road there.”


On Friday 1 October filming will tae place at the old chapel (now a farm related shed) in Twatt.

“Although located well off the main Twatt/Clousta road, please be aware of significantly increased traffic in this area at this time too,” Gardner said.

“Our fleet of technical support vehicles will be parked at, and operating from, this location as well. Please note that we are very conscious of the emergency services fire service facility located in the area and can assure everyone this will not be impeded in any way at any time during out time there.”

The larger fleet of Unit trucks will not be located at the nearby Bixter quarry, as is usual on occasions such as these, but this time around will remain at the unit base in Lerwick.

“Yet again thanks for all your co-operation with this and also for the enthusiastic and very welcome support we receive from all areas and sectors of the Shetland community in general re our ongoing – and occasionally disruptive – filming of this now hugely successful series,” Gardner said.

“It’s very much appreciated but, as always, we also apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused in this respect.”

Anyone with questions should contact Gardner on 07867 654 509 or Andy ‘Mod’ Ross – assistant locations manager – on 07963 713 446.

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