Seven years of asking

They say seven is meant to be a lucky number! After seven years of asking nicely the ongoing saga of the Hillhead railings replacement is still yet to be resolved.

I raised the issue about the extreme poor state and potential health and safety risk of the current railings once again as an elected member of Lerwick Community Council at Monday’s meeting.

This was first raised in 2016 as an urgent matter and gained a lot of support from not only other members of the council but nearby residents as well.

We can understand any delays inc. Covid, resources etc. however, the project was meant to get underway over a year ago.

It’s never wise to scaremonger but as this is now into the second month of 2022, do we really have to wait for an incident to happen before action is taken? I would sincerely hope that this is not the case.

Also, for when the replacement works begin the new railings would need to try and blend in with the keeping of the conservation area and not to be cheaply sourced.

No doubt it will be a timely task to complete, however I don’t think we are asking for the Golden Gate Bridge of projects to be restored now, are we?

Damien Ristori
(Member of Lerwick Community Council)

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