Small groups celebrating after securing grants from charitable trust

A RANGE small community groups across Shetland are in line to receive grants of up to £5,000 from a funding scheme run by Shetland Charitable Trust (SCT).

One of the maximum awards is going to Shetland Heritage Association towards its modernisation plans.

The association brings together a network of small history groups and is aiming to increase people’s involvement with Shetland’s heritage.

Shetland Girls Football meanwhile has netted a one-off award of £5,000 to help with the cost of girls’ teams travelling to Edinburgh last month to compete in the Caledonia Super Cup.

The Space2Face Shetland charity is getting £4,974 as a contribution to its work helping repair the harm done by crime and conflict in the community.

Meanwhile Gulberwick, Quarff and Cunningsburgh Community Council is receiving a £4,500 grant for its hot meal scheme.

Shetland Samaritans has been awarded £4,000, while the Walls Regatta Club has bagged £3,150.

A total of £3,100 is going to the Yell Senior Leisure Club, and the South Mainland Community Association – Senior Citizens has been given £2,600.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society – Shetland Group has secured £2,520 for a fatigue management programme.

The inside of a 1969 Jaguar E presented by David Hitchin from Northumberland. All photos: Austin TaylorThe Classic Motor Show has received funding. Photo: Austin Taylor

Shetland Folk Society has been awarded £2,300 to support the annual young fiddler competition, while Cunningsburgh Football Club is celebrating after receiving £2,214 for replacement goals.

The Shetland Classic Motor Show and Shetland Probus Club have both been given £1,500.

The smallest grant – £542 – is going to the Northmavine Under 5s group.

These awards come from the trust’s small grant scheme for groups with a turnover of less than £50,000 a year.

It focuses on projects seeking to reduce inequality and social exclusion in island life, which is the key aim of all the trust’s grant schemes.

Charitable trust chair Dr Andrew Cooper said: “It’s important that these groups of active volunteers can call on the trust for a bit of help with extra projects that they’ve put together to meet needs they’ve identified.”

The funding pot for the small grant scheme was trebled in size in 2021/22 and stands at £100,000.

Larger charitable organisations are able to apply each year to the trust’s main grant scheme, which is paying out £8.6 million this year to 29 local projects and organisations.

A separate capital grants scheme is providing help with the cost of major repairs and upgrades to large community buildings throughout Shetland.

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