Some fuel saving tips

Worried about high petrol and diesel prices? I’ll show you how to instantly save money and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

There’s a very easy way to save money and reduce your fuel consumption – by simply changing your driving habits that I started doing four weeks ago.

Don’t bother warming up or idling your engine, it wastes fuel, and avoid over accelerating from a standing start.

Instead of driving at 60mph (where permitted), I simply keep my maximum speed to 50mph or even a bit slower when going up a hill (it now takes me four minutes more to get to Lerwick from Bigton).

I gently ‘feather’ my accelerator maintaining a slower but steady progression in speed keeping my revs to a minimum. I change through my gears smoothly and coast down hills and use my gears gently to slow down.

I also ensure my tyres are inflated to the correct pressure that saves fuel.

Now, instead of filling my tank every eight days, I’ve extended that to 13 days with an overall saving of £24 per tank.

I now smile and watch the idiots who constantly overtake me whilst they drive like Lewis Hamilton, and think of all the money they’re wasting as they moan about high fuel prices.

Kerrie Meyer

Shetland News