Sparks flew as teenager took father’s car for joyride

A BRAE teenager with no driving experience who took her father’s car without consent to go on a joyride to Lerwick while twice the legal alcohol limit will be sentenced next month.

The young woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted five charges, including driving dangerously and driving without a valid licence, when she appeared at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday.

The court heard that the 17-year-old, who had never driven other than in a car park, did not notice when a tyre came off the offside wheel and continued on driving.

Police were alerted when the vehicle was seen swerving across the centre of the road and when sparks came off the wheel’s metal rim at various locations in Lerwick including Holmsgarth Road, Commercial Road and Burgh Road.

The incident happened on 2 January when road conditions were described as snowy and icy with standing water.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said when police finally caught up with her, the young woman seemed to be blasé about the seriousness of the incident.

Defence solicitor Tommy Allan said the case was unusual and difficult to understand.

He continued saying that given she had “no idea how to drive” and without condoning her actions, it was remarkable that she had managed to drive the distance from Brae to Lerwick. He added that it was not clear when the tyre had come off.

The solicitor said her client had confirmed to him her willingness to co-operate with whatever the court decides to do and added that she knows she will not be driving for a long time.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank deferred sentence until 22 February for the preparation of a social justice report.

The teenager has been disqualified from driving in the meantime.


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