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Portable x-ray machine to be trialled in GP surgeries

A THREE-month trial is set to take place in Shetland allowing people to have x-rays at GP surgeries instead of the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. The hope is that it will result in less cancellations and reduced travelling for patients. The x-rays will become possible thanks to a battery powered machine which weighs only […] Shetland News …

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Missing person found after early morning coastguard search

THE SUMBURGH based coastguard helicopter was involved in a missing person search in the early hours of morning (Sunday). A spokesperson for the coastguard confirmed that the person, described as being “high risk”, was found. The helicopter was called out at 3.45am and it hovered around areas such as Gulberwick, Quarff and Cunningsburgh. It was […] Shetland News …

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