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Women can do anything they choose to do

Although this is an extract sent to the Shetland News in 1912, it is quite horrifying to hear these opinions still bandied about today in some media, over a century later. “As I said ae time afore, lat dem stick ta dir ain place an’ dir ain wark: lat dem mind da craidle and da […] Shetland News …

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Crofter Chris nominated in initiative seeking Scotland’s ‘food heroes’

BRESSAY-based crofter Chris Dyer is among the nominees for a Scotland-wide “food hero” competition recognising sustainable food businesses. Garths Croft focuses on traditional and heritage breeds of sheep, pigs and poultry and is among 18 small businesses recognised by the organisation Food Hero Scot as “sustainability heroes within our communities”. The Covid-19 pandemic and growing […] Shetland News …

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