Traffic cones, bicycle and satellite dish among rubbish recovered from Whalsay harbour

PEOPLE are being reminded not to fly-tip rubbish into the water after a host of items including traffic cones, a pushbike, an office chair and a satellite dish were recovered from Symbister Harbour in Whalsay.

Whalsay Community Council said fly-tipping was not permitted and could cause “serious damage to boats”.

The community council said last month that a number of items were spotted on the seabed after a dive in the area.

Photo: SIC

Shetland Islands Council has since helped to remove the items, revealing a long list of thrown away junk.

Among the items recovered from the seabed were:

  • Around five tyre fenders
  • Several road traffic cones
  • An electric strimmer
  • Various electrical cable lengths
  • A child’s pushbike
  • Several old creels with ropes
  • An office chair
  • A quantity of unidentified metal
  • A three metre length of fendering
  • A satellite dish
  • A couple of electrical heaters
  • A couple of microwaves
  • A worktop electrical oven
  • 2.5m x 0.5m of sheet steel
  • A burst buoy
  • A bucket
  • A length of scaffolding pipe

Whalsay councillor Duncan Anderson said he would like to thank staff at ports and harbours for removing the items.

“I would encourage all residents to make use of either the dump or the excellent skip hire initiatives the Whalsay Community Council periodically lay on for the isle,” he added.

A community skip hire took place earlier today (Tuesday) in Whalsay at Symbister Pier.

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