Two fire call-outs at the same time

FIRE services in Shetland were a little stretched this lunchtime when two call-outs to opposite ends of the islands occurred at the same time.

Two appliances from Brae and Scalloway were initially called to Mossbank at 12.16pm where an electric cooker in a house had developed a fault.

There was no fire, and after checking with a thermal camera, the crew from Brae put in the ‘stop’ message half an hour after having been called out.

Meanwhile, one appliance from Lerwick and another from Sumburgh were called to the south end airport at 12.17pm to help with a fuel leak from a plane.

Fire control said the fuel leak had been contained by the airport’s own fire service, and there was no action needed by crews from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

The plane was removed from the apron into a hanger for repairs, the spokesperson added.

Loganair chief executive Jonathan Hinkles said a fuel leak was discovered as part of the regular pre-flight walk round check while the aircraft was parked at Sumburgh between flights.

“We’ve flown a replacement aircraft up to Shetland within two hours to take over the flight whilst this issue is being fixed on the original aircraft,” he said.

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