Voe residents to host road safety meeting

Local residents meet with council road engineer Colin Gair on Friday. Photo: Tom Morton

A PUBLIC meeting has been called in Voe later in the week to discuss local road safety issues along the busy A970 which cuts right through the North Mainland village.

Local residents, as well as North Mainland Labour councillor Tom Morton, met with a team from Shetland Islands Council on Friday morning to walk along the verge starting from the public toilets at the south entrance to the village.

In December, local resident Marshall Leask contacted Shetland News to highlight that a recent upgrade to the crash barriers outside his house has made it “exceptionally dangerous” to walk from his house towards the village.

‘Exceptionally dangerous’: Voe resident angry over reduced pedestrian space on busy road

While the new crash barrier is an improvement to drivers, pedestrians and wheelchair users have been forgotten, Leask said, adding that he and wife felt unable to take their grandchild out in a pram from their house.

Residents are demanding a stricter speed limit on the main road in Voe and for a path to be constructed along the hill end to the public toilets.

Leask added that the howling gale on Friday morning helped demonstrate their points to council road engineers as large vehicles were throwing up a lot of spray.

The public meeting in the Voe Hall will be held on Thursday (16 February) at 8.30pm with the view to discuss forming a road safety action group.

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